KRUSE Automotive – providing you with AdBlue® and everything around it

KRUSE Automotive is a specialist for system solutions concerning the trademarked AdBlue® respectively Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and serves the national and international AdBlue®-market. We provide our customers with AdBlue® in different sizes and types of containers and bottles.

European OEMs for commercial vehicles are fitting up their vehicles since 2005 with SCR-aftertreatment systems which need AdBlue® for the exhaust treatment. Additionally this technology is now also implemented in passanger cars by the OEMs.

Well-known freight and logisitc companies, OEMs as well as mineral oil companies are part of our clientele. And yet it is not only the sale of our products but also the service around it. For example how we, together with our customers, can evolve synergies and how we can provide our customers with a sustainable and reliable supply.

Our product range is supplemented by relevant equipment as tanks, pumps and pump nozzles as well as antifreezing agents and grit.

If you are interested in further information regarding our sales and business activities please follow the link to the KRUSE Automotive Homepage (currently only available in German).


Kruse Automotive GmbH
Sanssouci 12
58802 Balve

Fon: +49 2375 / 917-310
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